We have an in-built, well maintained research and development department, which constantly helps to upgrade ourselves with the latest advancements in our industry. Our R&D personnel devise innovative methods to overcome our drawbacks of and make products that completely comply with international standards. R&D is the key element of all our innovations and enable us in the development of an effective future energy policy. Our well experienced researchers can play an important role in providing resources, skills, process facilitation and research capabilities.

Our scientists who have been technically trained, apply their tremendous knowledge to develop innovative products and processes that make fire management better, healthier and safer. With new products and processes, we continue to be the leading provider of chemical in the domestic as well as international markets. We undertake initiatives to contribute to the safety and sustainability of our planet and work towards coming up with products that are safe in nature and have no harmful effects.

Our laboratories are fully equipped with all the required facilities and we also continuously upgrade our selves with the latest equipment, emphasizing on cost control, efficient inventory management and pollution control. in order to supply international quality products. We take it as a responsibility to develop processes for minimal chemical wastage via recovery/recycling or modification of the synthetic route. Our research and development team plays a vital role to optimize processes in the laboratory and bring them through trials into full-scale manufacturing.