Flame Guard / Flamex

We manufacture and export a wide range of Flamex/ FLame Guard. one pack flame retardant & smoke suppressant.

FLAMEX is a proprietary one pack flame retardant synergist treated with processing & dispersion aids which imparts superior flame retardant properties as compared to traditional flame retardant synergists. It can meet the required UL standard and also achieve the V0, V1, V2 flammability rating.

We have various grades of FLAMEX which are HALOGENATED AND NON HALOGENATED as per requirements in which polymer it has to be used and what properties of final product is required.

Various applications of FLAMEX include polypropylene, PP , polyolefins, engineering plastics, HDPE, LDPE, PPCP, PPHP, XLPE, ABS, PBT, Nylon, Tapes, PVC, Leader Cloths, Nylon-66, EVA, PU Form, EPF Form, Textiles, Rubber, UPR etc.

Packing: 25 Kgs HDPE bag with polyethylene liner inside.
Shelf Life & Storage: 12 Months from the date of manufacturing when stored in closed bags in a covered cool dry place. After the bag is opened the material should be consumed immediately or packed again properly.

Applications :